New booking policy allows reservations for dates up to two years away!  - 2/14/2015
See the facilities calendar for availability in Red Oak Lodge and Mountain View Retreat Center.
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The Highland Benefit Auction is coming Saturday April 11!  - 4/1/2015
The auction supports Highland Summer Camps and funds camp scholarships for families with need. See details and photos of items for auction.
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   Highland Retreat is...
A Christian Retreat Center for families, churches, and other groups compatible with our mission.

An exciting summer camp for young people ages 5-16.

Located in northwest Virginia,
 Highland is just
40 minutes from Harrisonburg,
70 minutes from Staunton,
90 minutes from Winchester,
120 minutes from Fairfax 
14783 Upper Highland Dr.
Bergton, VA 22811
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