High School Age Summer Positions 

    * SCA (Support & Counselor Assistants) Four to seven young men and women will serve as SCA's.  SCA's spend part of their time providing kitchen and janitoral support and assist with program activities.  The other part of their time is spent participating with a senior counselor in a cabin setting or with day camp.  Those with musical or vocal gifts may also assist with worship.   Should possess a solid work ethic, a servant's heart, strong relational skills, and enjoy working with a team of people and be at least 17 years old. 

     * Lifeguards help to prevent incidents from occurring by maintaining proper control over individuals using the pool or pond.  Must be able to recognize activities that may place individuals at risk and respond appropriately to individuals in distress.  Must hold current lifeguarding, first-aid and CPR certifications.
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